RESULTS: Best of the Midwest 08/13/2011

Final Team Standings

1.) Missouri StL Finest (Nick S) 29-6
2.)Illinois Insanity (Kyle Larson) 24-11
3.) Ohio Doom Squad (Zach G) 22-13
4.)Michigan (Nick V) 20-15
5.) Wisconsin (Zach Zalvat) 19-16
6.)Missouri Coming for the Crown (Dan Key) 16-19
7.) Minnesota (Ladd Gorman) 15-20
8.) Illinois #2 (Zenon McHugh) 13-22
9.) South Dakota (Tony Axtel) 9-26
10.) Indiana (Mike Puchowski) 8-27

Playoffs: (Illinois #2 had to forfeit so South Dakota took their place)

Round 1

StL Finest defeats South Dakota (5-0)
Wisconsin defeats Michigan (3-2)
Missouri Coming for the Crown defeats Ohio (3-2)
Illinois Insanity beats Minnesota (4-1)

Round 2

StL Finest defeats Wisconsin (3-2)
Illinois Insanity defeats Missouri Coming for the Crown (3-2)

3rd Place

Missouri Coming for the Crown defeats Wisconsin (3-2)

StL Finest defeats Illinois Insanity (4-1)

St Louis Finest repeated as Best of Midwest Champions. In 2011 they had 3 players go undefeated (Nick S, Piotr W & Ross H). In 2010 they had 2 players go undefeated (Piotr W & Ross H). Meaning that Piotr & Ross have never lost at the Best of the Midwest. List below are the rankings of the players based on prelim stats. (Majority of the teams stopped reporting the scores once we entered into playoff so I do not have stats for that)